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Sport & Performance Psychology

You spend hours training your body and honing your skills, why not the mental aspects? Don’t struggle on in the field due to lack of endurance or resiliency. A primary outcome is to achieve optimal involvement, performance, and enjoyment in your craft.

Sport & Performance Psychology

Sport and Performance Psychology services involves extending theory and research into the field to educate coaches, athletes, parents, exercisers, fitness professionals, business professionals and performing artists about the psychological aspects of your activity. A primary goal is to facilitate optimal involvement, performance, and enjoyment in sport, exercise and business.

Sessions may involve a combination of individual and or group consulting or counseling depending on your needs.  Although there are many specific concepts within applied sport and performance psychology (e.g., goal setting, concentration, motivation, relaxation, imagery), the general goal is to teach mental skills necessary to perform consistently in training and competition, increase adherence to exercise programs, boost performance in business and to help you realize your potential.

Certification as a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC)® demonstrates to you that I have met the highest standards of professional practice, including completing a combination of educational and work requirements, successfully passing a certification exam, agreeing to adhere to ethical principles and standards, and committing to ongoing professional development.

Reasons for Sport & Performance Psychology Consulting

Stress & Anxiety

Confidence Building

Adherence to Exercise

Coaching Strategies

Attention & Concentration

Competitive Edge

Business Decisions

Reaction Speed

Injury Recovery

Goal Setting

Team Building

Error Resetting

Performance psychology is more than just relaxation exercises. My approach differs because our goal is to increase psychological flexibility and help individuals switch their attention to the relevant task versus internal states, such as anxiety or frustration. Our primary focus together is to enhance your ability to contact the present moment fully and promote thoughts and behaviors that move you closer to your personal values and goals.

In this approach we aren’t always trying to escape discomfort and nervousness but rather understand how to effectively have fun and perform at a high level while acknowledging that we have feelings of discomfort and worry. The presence nervousness or anxiety doesn’t mean we’re going to fail it means we care! We invest significant time and money into our sport and our skills, so of course we want to perform well.

 Don’t let your fears, lack of confidence or feelings of inability get in your way of fulfilling your dreams.

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